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Who We Are: The Zionist Narrative is an online magazine publication whose primary mission is to showcase the people who support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State.

How We Do It: We publish articles about people who support Israel and discuss with them why they do. We publish a variety of interviews, personal narratives, short stories, poetry, and opinion pieces throughout our online platform.

Why We Do It: We seek to empower the Pro-Israel voice through the use of our legal freedom of expression and showcase the people who stand with Israel. By promoting the very people who support Israel, we are amplifying the solidarity movement that already exists on college campuses. Through our social media reach, we hope to enlighten our audiences with information that would otherwise be rejected or ignored in mainstream media, as well as illustrate just how strong the Pro-Israel voice today actually is, especially on college campuses.

Publication Layout:

1st Thursday of the Month: Interview/Opinion (under Zionist Voices)

2nd Thursday: Personal Narratives (MyBirthRight/Lone Soldier Spotlight)

3rd Thursday: Short Stories/Poetry (Creative Expression)

Last Thursday: Opinion/Cartoons (Community/Creative Expression)

Disclaimer: We are an open-source online magazine, and as such, the opinions and views expressed at or throughout this website are the opinions of the designated authors and do not reflect the opinions or views of the online magazine website as a whole.


David Chernobylsky | Editor-in-Chief | Founder

David J. Chernobylsky studies Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics at UCLA. He is the author of The Perspective: A Medical Volunteer Experience (Nobyl Books, 2012) and is the recipient of the 2014 Jewish Academic Innovation Award. His works have been featured by Arutz Sheva, Israel’s National Radio, the Santa Monica Museum of Art and Direction Literary Journal. He has been a writer for Ha’Am, UCLA’s Jewish Newsmagazine, FEM, UCLA’s Feminist Newsmagazine, and editor of Westwind, UCLA’s Journal of the Arts. He hopes to use these experiences and his creativity to shed light on the truths concerning Israel as an innovative means to stand up against the oppression of Pro-Israel supporters.

Mati Cohen | Managing Editormati

Mati Cohen is a Jewish Studies and Finance major at SMC. He is a prominent Zionist activist in the Los Angeles community, and a candidate for the World Zionist Congress. He is the founder of the Young Jewish Zionists, which trains and empowers current and future young Zionist leaders to be ideologically rooted, open minded, and forward thinking in regards to Israel, its future, and Zionist philosophy. His vision is to see an empowered Jewish people and state of Israel, that–through a Zionist revival–will actualize itself as a world leader in a variety of industries, eliminating its susceptibility to foreign pressure, while also representing a beacon of hope to those who are oppressed and seek liberation.

Alex Beyzer | Sections Directorimage

Alex Beyzer is a graduate of California State University, Northridge with a degree in Finance. He earned Magna Cum Laude honors at CSUN and is currently a prospective law student.Alex was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan following the fall of the Soviet Union, and immigrated to the United States with his family, as a refugee seeking asylum.  He re-founded CSUN Students for Israel in his Sophomore year at CSUN in order to educate his community about the State of Israel’s history, achievements, and to dispel the lies of anti-Israel propaganda. Alex is a staunch advocate for the Jewish people’s rights to self-determination in their ancestral, legal, and rightful homeland. His vision is to see a strong and empowered Israel that does what is necessary to protect its citizens and promote the future of its people without apologizing or bowing to international pressure and hopes to see an educated global community standing behind Israel.

Adam Shamam | Marketing Directoradam

Adam Shamam studied Information Systems/Business at CSUN. He grew up in Los Angeles but has lived several years in Israel. His mission is to connect young Jewish Americans with each other to create opportunities for everyone to benefit from. Working at Keller Williams Realty Beverly Hills Office, Adam has become well connected through his years of real estate sales and mortgage experience since 2009. Adam hopes to use his marketing skills, experience, and network to further ensure that The Zionist Narrative will provide and share information to people around the world while allowing them to voice their experience as well.


Leora Matian | Copy Editor   leora 

Leora Studies sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles with College Honors. She is a board member of the Persian Community of Hillel at UCLA and a contributor in the Mapping Jewish LA project. She shows continual involvement with the iconic Kol Ahava organization dedicated to fundraising for unique and worthy causes. Leora also has a central passion for demonstrating pride in the Jewish Identity and is excited to be a part of an enthusiastic team dedicated to providing valuable insight to the Jewish perspective on Israel and more.







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