Countdown to TZN Print: Words from the Editor

[This is a preview from ‘Words from the Editor’ of our Print Edition magazine. Distribution will begin November 30th]

This is our very first print edition of The Zionist Narrative! Through this publication we seek to pursue a particular goal: to overcome this generation’s perversion of the words “Zionism” and “Zionist”.

Too many times I have seen and heard how the terms “Zionism” and “Zionist” were misrepresented and caricatured under the pervasive guise that “Zionism is not Judaism”, as if to claim that because Jews are not being attacked, it is okay to attack these people who share a common belief and who label themselves as “Zionists”.

Well, “Zionists” are not only Jews. Zionists are Christians. Zionists are Muslims. Zionists are human beings, and what our magazine seeks to do here is to showcase exactly who these people—Zionists—are, that are being attacked every time the term “Zionism” or “Zionist” is infamously slandered or caricatured into something it is not.

By showcasing these carefully selected stories about people who have unique and very specific reasons to love and care about the state of Israel, we intend to strip away the veil of anonymity that seems to be associated with the “concept”—but in reality, it is the identity—of being a “Zionist”.

Natasha’s “Woman of Action” explores why a Christian born in Russia came to care so much about Israel that she decided to join the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Melissa’s “An Interview with Abed” digs deep into a Muslim student’s desire and interest to be an integral part of the Pro-Israel organization on his campus. My own “Friends Among Us” short story—based on real-life events—centers around a conversation between two friends, one who is about to fly out to Israel the next day to join the IDF, and the other who doesn’t understand the reasoning behind this.

Our magazine seeks to bring the point home that Zionists are not just ‘some people’ in some far off country, miles and miles away, who are unable to hear the odorous cries of defamation and libel. No, Zionists are here, walking past you in the supermarket, or rushing in front of you to class. They are right here, in each of these stories and words that our magazine’s pages have been filled with.

Anti-Zionists can no longer hide under the falsification that Zionism is some great evil that seeks to kill and plunder Palestinian children. Zionism, itself, is not a political affiliation or stance. It is a form of identity among people who share a common belief that Israel has a legitimate right to exist and not to be wiped off the face of the Earth, as history has done before. This belief entails the universal truth that Israel’s citizens have a G_d-given right to pursue freedom and peace in their own time, today.      

David J. Chernobylsky ǀ Editor-in-Chief & Publisher

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