What Have We Become? The Future Zionist Manifesto

In a time when touchscreen technology can be controlled by the sound of our voice, what have we become? In a time when a 1,000-page textbook can be stored on a flash-drive and plugged into a tablet for studying and viewing, what have we become? Have we lost the purpose and meaning of this technology and advancement?

It seems that with all the gadgetry in this great age of technology, the meaning of it all may have been lost in the process. The meaning that has been lost: to pursue progress in order to achieve a better future. That is why, for this Future-Zionist Manifesto, I have described the ‘better future’ that I hope and dream of, as a Zionist.

It is my hope, as a Zionist, that technology will not be the separating agent it is now. It will be a joining unit that will bring people together. Conflicts concerning Israel will arise and fade faster due synchronized information and comprehension by participants and media-readers.

In our time now it seems that the recently-released mobile app called TalkIsrael, which synchronizes and streams Israel media in a novel mobile format, could have the potential to be a game-changer and actually have that profound impact for a better future. This app is hopefully the first step of many for technology to finally reclaim its meaning. Perhaps, it will be the precedent to push past the veil of media bias and transcend into delivering meaningful information that touches the hearts and souls of its readers.

I would like to ascertain that, as a Zionist, my belief system embodies the constant that Israel has the right not only to exist but to thrive on this Earth! That is why it is my dear hope that one day Israel will be free from the suffering and the hate crimes that have been committed towards its Jewish citizens, as in recent days. However, without the proper media delivered to people globally, I don’t believe any united future will be possible. Right now is the time to change tactics for both media outlets and media consumers—to convey ideas and have those ideas internalized in novel, productive ways.

This is why the TalkIsrael App seems to stand out from the barrage of new technology that is cranked out into our world on a daily basis. Is has the potential to be a part of that new wave of change and meaningful progress that is essential to the Future Zionist Manifesto. It has that unequivocal spark that is needed to create definitive change in our time now.

True, Israel news is booming and there are a myriad of sources from which to choose—a considerable annoyance and a serious inhibitor of the changing trends that are needed for a better future. Hence, it comes at an opportune time–right now!–that the TalkIsrael App has just been released. Its unique ability to synchronize all of this superfluity of information into a comprehensible format, may hopefully serves as the definitive, novel process that will bring about that very meaningful change that we have not yet seen in our ‘great’ era of technological advancement!

As a Zionist, I hope that the future will hold a time when writers will no longer need to write of sorrow and hardship anymore. The hope is for people to stop fighting over land, property and resources. But until then, we must work to pursue a path that will lead us there.

Otherwise, overpopulation will fuel even more massive citizen stabbings, prejudice and moral malice. The conflict in the Middle East will only become more dire and disastrous. Either we, as human beings, learn to unite with each other and stop finger-pointing and accusation-spewing, or personal contempt and avarice will consume what we hold most dear.

The way to Future-Zionism is to unite people by respecting the steps of tradition and heritage that have brought us this far in our evolutionary and historic journey. The way to Future-Zionism is right…now.

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Download the TalkIsrael App on your iPhone or Android Mobile Device. For more information about the app, click herehttp://www.talkisrael.org/?utm_source=thezionistnarrative.

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