Announcing The Zionist Narrative Fellowship!

With the mission of bringing the topic of Zionism to the forefront of college discussion, The Zionist Narrative Fellowship will be investing in the new generation of gifted student writers, editors and social media experts. With the promise of support and mentorship, this fellowship is designed to provide the experience necessary for students to take the transformative step in their future careers as expert professionals in industry, research and academia.

During this fellowship, the selected applicants will obtain benefit from the editorial guidance of the senior staff. The writers will focus on topics pertinent to the Zionist discussion through personal essay writing, cultural reportage, and profiles. Writers will be expected to pitch, report, and write with the added assistance of mentorship from the senior staff. The mentorship involved with focus on supporting writers in their development as writers, editors and future professionals in industry and academia.

Ideal candidates for this program should be motivated to learn and write about Zionism and the significance of Israel in modern times. Ambitious ideas and a proven desire to publish work that creates an impact on cultural conversations is a must! The product of the fellowship will be published by The Zionist Narrative. The writers selected for the fellowship will work with The Zionist Narrative’s senior editorial staff.

Application Procedure:

Please submit the following Board Application Form by Aug. 31, 2015. Applications will be considered by a committee of The Zionist Narrative editors and respected writers and editors from across the industry. Writers accepted into the fellowship will be notified in September; the fellowship will begin the first week of October 2015. Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States.

For More Information about the Zionist Narrative, please visit our About Section, where you can find Who We Are, Why The Zionist Narrative? and how to Submit Your Work.



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