4 Reasons The Zionist Narrative is taking a Summer Hiatus

…From Weekly Publications, that is! This does not include special announcements and critical posts.

So, here are the reasons…

  1. We are a student-run magazine. As students, we spend an average of over 40 hours per week studying for classes. Our staff seems to do double that while also upkeep The Zionist Narrative’s Magazine website (all the while finding the time to discuss the issues pertaining the upcoming week’s publications). After 5 months of publishing every single week (it’ll be 21 weeks this week!), the Zionist Narrative staff will be taking a Summer Break from the months of June-September. We will be back and ready to once the Fall quarter starts up again!
  1. We want to prepare and plan our innovative ideas for the Fall. With our energetic and creative staff, it makes sense that ideas are often overflowing–possibly to the point of repeating “where can we put this” over and over again? We want to take the time to properly structure our ideas and streamline the various expansions we hope to accomplish in the coming year!
  1. We want to strategize how to expand our readership and staff during this time.In addition to organizing our ideas, we would also like to work on building our core audience and make sure that we engage our readership through the proper channels and using the proper means to promote our weekly articles and announcements!
  1. We want to take the time to focus on our Jewcer Campaign!After being nominated for Jewcer’s SPARK competition, The Zionist Narrative would like to take the time to actively and effectively promote our campaign page in order to gather the necessary funds to sustain ourselves financially and be able to continue expanding to more campuses across the nation! Come and visit our campaign page when it is up and be sure to share it with all your friends and family!

We will be back soon, and remember…We are The New Conversation for the Next Generation!

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