In Dedication: To My Beloved Father, the Zionist, and to Everyone Who Supported His Family in a Time of Great Need

(My Father’s philosophy in life at around 2:05)

A Tribute to My Beloved Father

By David J. Chernobylsky

This page serves as a tribute to my beloved father and his blessed memory. It also serves as a reminder of the great power we have as a community of people who care and support each other in times of tragedy and despair. This page serves as a tribute to all the people to offered support to my mom and me in a time when we expected no help at all and received more than we could have possibly imagined. It came in a time when asking for help seemed almost unimaginable, but the need outweighed the immense pain and grief.

The result of everyone’s help and support was that my mom and I were able to pay the proper respects to my dear father and hold a funeral in his honor—one that we made sure he would be proud of. I made sure to record my impromptu speech as a means to capture at least a fragment of the fire and energy of his great spirit.

He spent all my 21 years infusing into me his beliefs and philosophies of this world, built upon his vast knowledge of history, literature and art. Now, my words are a mere reflection of his power and lust for life.

It is my honor to carry on the tradition of my father in his pursuit to value our Jewish heritage and identity; to bring joy and health to people’s lives, and to respect the world around us.

It is through a distinct awareness of the present moment and a clear presence of intellect and wisdom which humankind has accumulated over the many centuries of its existence, that we can find a way to carry on the legacy of our ancestors and give hope to our children for a better future tomorrow.

Dad Memorial tribute

[Photo and Link to Fundraiser/Tribute].


(The names are not listed in any particular order and I have tried to made sure to provide anonymity to anyone who wishes it).

Genia, Moti and Liebman Family 
Alex, Liza, Bella, Mikhail, Edward and Attos Beyzer
Adi Levy, Ben Levy, Tal Levy and Levy Family
Greg and Luba Obukhovsky
Rachel Sibner and Linda Gorin-Sibner
Vadim Reytblat and Alexandra Moreno
Larry Goryachkovskiy and Jane Galdshteyn
Eugene Reznik
Andrew Wald
David Geyfman
Perla Karney
Madicyn, Cynthia and Herbst Family
Maria Volkova
Holly Wolfstein
Faye, Dale and Tager Family
Richard Stellar
Eliozar, Lyudmila and Gutgarts Family
Eduard, Maya and Gutgarts Family
Irina and Zack Katz
Alexander Sinelnikov and Sinelnikov Family
Eugene Solonin and Solonin Family
Luda and Inga Goldberg
Ilia Rachman
Galina Lensky
Svetlana and Yan
Rabbi Dovid Gurevich, Elisa Gurevich and Chabad of UCLA
Rabbi Chaim Brook and Chabad of CSUN
Chabad of USC
Beliana and Felix
Yelena Piatigorskaya
Baranovsky Family
Nicole Arasteh and Arasteh Family
Ceasar Berger, Inna Berger and Berger Family
Boris Khaimchaev 
Erez Guetta
Avital Marzini
Ariella Benji
Jacob Getter
Eliana Mundson
Erin Katel
Josef Gorelik and Gorelik Family
Cinti, Sveta, Igor and Rimmer Family
Michelle Krom
Henry Guralnik
Holly Wolfstein
Angelina Ellyson
Danielle Halif
Jeff Ezros
Glen Bondarev
Alik Lapidus
Niaz Yadegar and Yadegar Family
Elvire Van Spall
Alexander Ayzenberg
Irina Gozman
Arkadiy Yerukhimov
Julia Chudnovsky
Afshan Bral
Eric Nguyen
Olga Gorelik
Sandra Bram
Nina Young
Sarit Kashanian
Sandy Kalil
Alex Lapidus
Maretta Oganesyan
Julia Kulik
Agnes Itzhaki
Saam Malek
Yana Shteynberg
Susi Sherman
Eli Skurskiy
Yasha Addes
Gennady Weisbud
Klavdiya Prokh
Alexander, Irina and Rakul Family
Anatoly Begelfer
Kat Fourman
Mikhail Barsky
Yury Kotlerman
Shani Nisimov
Alla Mesh
Omid Mahkhatam
Michael Levy
Diana Shabat
Jay Latman
Olga Shults
Aviva Hirsch
Veronika Sweetin
Tatiana Galushkina
Katerina Kugel
Marina Zaikovataya
Emmanuelle Hodara
Anthony Nguyen
Aryeh Kaplan
Allen Goldfarb
Ariel Goldberg
Robert Bates
Dmitriy Kamenev
Ben Shapiro
Ethan Dreiman
Alik Segal
Deborah Friedman
Stella Berestetsky
Chloe Myaskovsky
Enrico Rubio
Danielle Zamakhovski
Mishelle Konviser
Elyssa Schlossberg
Oren Lefkowitz
Rachel Friedman
Sami Steinblock
Kayla L Chaikin
Nooriel Banayan
Randy Nahmias
Klari Bates
Shushanna Sargsyan
Carl Bennington
Irina Shultz
Sharon Farber
Aviva Hirsch
Steven Biton
Yair Vardi
Kylene Wolfstein
Emily Jennifer
Chanel Baral
Natasha vartaniants
Katerina Kugel
James Bailey
Briana Begelfer
Chava Nagila
Emmanuelle Hodara
Avinoam Baral
Adam Shapiro
Marika Fain and Fain Family
Galina Manya Eilyuk
Charles Ratteray
Deborah Benjamin
Shane Jasmine Perna
Shlomit Ovadia
Mark Solovey
Kat Fourman Merriman
Alejandro Serrato-Guillen
Efim Fourman
Antony Merrit
Emili Bondar and Bondar Family
Jennifer Halperin
Josh Rosenberg and Rosenberg Family
Mati Cohen
Mona Nabizadeh
Tessa Nath
Leora Matian
Daniel Rosas
Michelle Kaminsky
Sasha Hubschman
Michael Mahbobian


(If anyone would like their name to be removed, please let me know and I will remove it from the list).

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