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Who We Are: The Zionist Narrative is an online magazine publication whose primary mission is to showcase the people who support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State.

How We Do It: We publish articles about people who support Israel and discuss with them why they do. We publish a variety of interviews, personal narratives, short stories, poetry, and opinion pieces throughout our online platform.

Why We Do It: We seek to empower the Pro-Israel voice through the use of our legal freedom of expression and showcase the people who stand with Israel. By promoting the very people who support Israel, we are amplifying the solidarity movement that already exists on college campuses. Through our social media reach, we hope to enlighten our audiences with information that would otherwise be rejected or ignored in mainstream media, as well as illustrate just how strong the Pro-Israel voice today actually is, especially on college campuses.

Publication Layout:
1st week of the Month: Interview/Opinion (under Community)
2nd: Personal Narratives (Zionist Voices)
3rd: Short Stories/Poetry (Creative Expression)
Last week of the month: Opinion/Current Events (Community)

Disclaimer: We are an open-source online magazine, and as such, the opinions and views expressed at or throughout this website are the opinions of the designated authors and contributors and do not reflect the opinions or views of the online magazine website as a whole.

For More Information about The Zionist Narrative, please visit our About Section, where you can find out Why The Zionist Narrative? and how to Submit Your Work.

Meet the Team:

Meet the Team FINALCheck out our team by clicking the staff. For interested applicants, please fill out our Board Application. We accept applications on a rolling basis. For more information, check out the Zionist Narrative Fellowship.

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