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THE ZIONIST NARRATIVE strives to be a community-driven publication to give a platform for Zionist voices who are often silenced in mainstream media. If your beliefs and ideology align with our mission statement we would be more than happy to publish your work! We accept contributions that range from personal accounts in Israel to commentary on current events regarding Anti-Israel sentiment and Anti-Semitism in the world today.

If you are interested in contributing your articles, creative writing, art, or photography to our website, email us at: Don’t forget to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.

Tips for Contributing Writers/Artists:

  • Requirements: We accept various perspectives and opinions. However, your article must align with our mission statement to promote pro-Israel sentiment and counteract oppression of Pro-Israel supporters.
  • Hyperlinks! Every factual claim you make, even in opinion pieces, must be hyperlinked to the source confirming that claim.
  • Images! If you submit your own corresponding image with your submission, your piece is more likely to be published! This includes original graphic designs, pieces of art, or photography whose use has been approved for publication by you or the original owner.
  • Editing/Proofread! The less errors the better. Please re-read your article and have someone else proof-read it, as well. We will edit any grammatical or structural but we are not responsible for editing articles with faulty information, libel, and more. We will refrain from making any serious alterations to your piece, however we may make small changes in formatting to best fit the website (please try to keep article around a page).
  • Topics to write about? We want article regarding personal narratives and experiences either in or concerning Israel, as well as interviews with notable pro-Israel supporters. Book/movie/music/television reviews, satirical pieces, comic strips, photography series, and more are welcome as long as they concern Israel! Check out our website for previous subjects we’ve addressed for inspiration!
  • Enjoy, be creative! We truly want to make this the best platform for all people interested in promoting truth and providing a voice for Israel and Jews across the world. There are no limits so think outside the box and be original!
  • Share! Now that you’ve been published in The Zionist Narrative, share your work on all your social media accounts! Send it out to friends and family and have them share it, too. The more people it reaches, the greater the influence it has so don’t shy away from online communities and message boards, or any other place you see fit to share your cause!

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